How to Support Radio Uhai if you live in Tanzania

Radio Uhai is a Swahili Christian radio station in Tabora, Tanzania.
You may hear it at 94.1 FM.
You can also send support to the radio station through your cell phone through the following numbers:
Airtel Money +255-688-415-651
Mpesa +255-743-759-692

If you are in a country outside of Tanzania and you want to support Radio Uhai, you may send support with Western Union or MoneyGram through the Vodacom number +255-743-759-692
If you are inside Tanzania, you may send us a check or cashier’s check from a bank in Tanzania. In Tanzania, they do not accept checks, money orders or cashier’s checks from banks outside of Tanzania. At present paypal is not available.

This is our mailing address:
Radio Uhai FM Station
P.O.Box 691
Tabora, Tanzania
East – Africa

If you want directions on how to send money with Airtel or MoneyGram M-Pesa, please see these websites:

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